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Jesus heals and sets free

1. Jesus proclaims the arrival of the Kingdom of God, heals and frees from evil spirits. Mt 4, 23-25; Lk 6, 17-19

2. Jesus heals many possessed. This has a public and mass character. Mt 8, 16; Mk 1, 32-39

3. The cast out demons have knowledge about Jesus. Lk 4, 33-37; Mk 1, 23-28

4. Jesus frees the possessed and forces the demons into some pigs. Possession can have a multiple character – some evil spirits can lodge in a man. Mt 8, 28-34; Mc 5, 1-20; Lk 8, 26-39

5. Jesus cast out seven demons from Mary Magdalene. Mk 16, 9

6. Jesus drives out a demon from the woman’s daughter. Mc 7, 25-30; Mt 15, 21-28

7. Jesus exorcises on the Sabbath – drives out the spirit of sickness. Lk 13, 10-13

8. Jesus continues to heal and deliver despite a death threat. Lk 13, 31-32

9. Jesus expels an evil spirit from a mute who then recovers the word. He is accused by the Pharisees that he does it in the power of Beelzebul. Mt 9, 32-38; Mk 3, 20-27

10. Jesus expels a demon that is the author of blindness and dumbness. He says that he drives out demons by the Spirit of God. Mt 12, 22-30

11. The expulsion of demons is a sign of the arrival of the Kingdom of God. Lk 11, 14-20; Lk 7, 18-23

II The disciples of Jesus free from demons

1. Twelve Apostles called by Jesus to expel demons. Mt 10, 1-8; Lk 9, 1; Mark 3, 14-19; Mk 6, 7

2. The disciples of Jesus deliver and heal. Lk 10, 17-20

3. The exorcisms of the disciples do not always end with success – some demons are expelled by prayer and fasting. The ministry of liberation demands knowledge and asceticism. Lk 9, 37-43; Mk 9, 14-29

4. After Jesus was resurrected, he entrusts the Apostles to continue freeing demons. Mk 16, 15-18

5. The ministry of liberation is continued after the Resurrection of Jesus. Mk 6, 12-13

6. The liberation by Apostles has a public and common character. I am 5, 16

7. The Apostles free from demons, what people consider as the truth of faith. Acts 5:12-16

8. Saint Peter teaches that Jesus has come to deliver from demonic power. I am 10, 38

9. Other Christians such as Saint Paul join the liberation ministry. Saint Paul expels a demon from a slave who, pronouncing oracles, produced money for her masters. Acts 16: 16-24

10. It was enough to apply the handkerchiefs or aprons of Saint Paul to the sick, and this drives away illnesses and makes evil spirits come out. Acts 19:11-12

11. Philip casts out the demons in Samaria. Acts 8, 6-7


Bachelor of Exorcism

• Exorcism and the exorcist.

• Demonic phenomenology.

• History of exorcism in Christianity.

• SD scale of degrees of possession and influence.

• Special cases of possession.

• Canonical Legislation.

• The Saint Benedict medal.

• Methods of Biblical Interpretation I

• Biblical Exegesis.

• Exorcism in the Old Testament.

• Theological Sum, by Saint Thomas Aquinas I

• Christology

• Biblical hermeneutics.

• The Darkness in the Exorcism.

• Exorcism and Psychiatry I

• Latin I